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FALL 2022 - SPRING 2023


NOTE: We do not ship to California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.


Northern Highbush Type Bushes

Zone 3 - 7

Northern Highbush blueberry plants are the most widely planted blueberries in the world. These plants are vigorous and very cold-hardy, making them perfect for growers in cooler climates and northern regions. These varieties display bush shapes from short and compact to tall and open.  The berries range in size from ¼" to over 1" in diameter, and in color from almost black to light powder blue. Northern Highbush requires a minimum of 800 chilling hours for proper fruit set. All cultivars are self-fertile but will produce better crops if more than one variety is planted. As a landscape bonus, lovely flowers blossom on these bushes in spring, while gorgeous foliage looks beautiful in summer and turns to stunning colors in fall. This all-purpose fruit is delicious when eaten fresh, served with cream or used to make salads or pies.

Northern Highbush Type   

NOTE: Older varieties may show LIMITED QUANTITIES. Please ask for availability.


Berkley produces large, firm, light blue fruit with early to mid-season ripening of berries. Berkeley is a tall growing variety that produces a heavy crop of very large berries. Berkeley is a vigorous, strong grower with widely spaced branches growing between 4ft (120cm) to 6ft (180cm) in height.

Blue Crop

Early to mid season ripening, Blue crop has loose fruit clusters of large firm berries of a good flavor. These are upright and vigorous growers and are very productive as well as hardy and drought resistant. 

The Bluecrop variety is considered the best all around variety for adaptability, long production period, high yield fruit and disease resistance. 

Blue Gold

Bluegold is a highbush blueberry cultivar which typically grows 4-6’ tall. Waxy, bell-shaped, white flowers appear in May. Flowers are followed by firm, light blue blueberries which ripen in mid to late season. These plants are easiest for hand-harvesting with excellent fruit clusters. Dark green leaves (to 3.5” long) turn attractive shades of red and purple in fall. Tolerant in cold climates.

Blue Jay

With a vigorous and upright growth pattern, Blue Jay produces large firm fruit that is early to mid season ripening.

Blue Ray

Having large tight fruit clusters with berries of a great size, firmness and sweetness, Its upright and vigorous productivity is early to mid season ripening.


Bounty is an early to mid season producer. It produces large fruit with excellent firmness and flavor.


Mid to late season producer of large fruit with upright growth


A highly productive early season producer of medium to large berries with good color and firmness. Plants are vigorous and spreading.


A good ornamental plant, Duke is early ripening with its upright vigorous and consistently high yielding growth. These berries are medium to large in size with great color and firmness.


A self-fertile, mid to late season, blueberry plant that is consistent in the production of light blue fruit. Fruit is high quality and has an excellent shelf life. Plants are vigorous with upright growth.

Elliott             LIMITED QUANTITIES

Elliott is a late season producer with small to medium firm fruit. The plant is a good ornamental with upright growth.


Another one of the late season ripening plants, its long loose fruit clusters are filled with medium to large sized, firm, great tasting berries. Being very hardy, productive, upright and vigorous, Jersey is a fast growing ornamental plant


Northland is an early season producer with small firm fruit. The plant is a good ornamental with low, spreading growth.


Patriot is an early season producer with large firm fruit. The plant is a good ornamental with upright growth.


Pender is a self fertile, mid-season producer with excellent midsize fruit, color, and flavor. Plants have semi-upright growth and tend to be drought tolerant.

St. Cloud                             

St. Cloud is a mid-season producer of medium to large fruits that are firm and flavorful. Growth tends to be upright. St. Cloud requires cross pollination; best pollinators are Northblue, North Country, and North Sky.


Spartan is an early ripening producer of large and abundant fruit. It is self fertile. It is an easily managed upright plant.


Sweetheart is a self pollinating, early ripening plant that is a northern/southern cross. Sweetheart produces a heavy crop of sweet juicy berries. The plant is cold hardy.

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