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FALL 2022 - SPRING 2023


We do not ship to California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.

Southern Highbush Type Bushes

Zone 6 - 10

These are hybrids of blueberries which grew wild when European settlers first arrived in the New World. New Southern Highbush cultivars were developed to grow in California and other climates with low chill hours. Southern Highbush blueberries are low chill varieties and offer gardeners in California, the Sunbelt, and the Southeast region an opportunity to enjoy blueberries just like their northern neighbors. Southern Highbush are specifically hybridized for superior fruit, soil adaptability, heat tolerance and low winter chilling. Southern Highbush blueberry bushes offer gardeners unique foliage, bloom and plant characteristics that aren’t found in the Northern Highbush. Some Southern Highbush are self-pollinating, but the berries will be larger if two varieties are planted together. These varieties have low winter chilling requirements. “Chilling” is a measure of accumulated hours of temperatures below 45°F in the dormant season.  Blueberry plants make an excellent addition to edible landscapes. These have dark blue green foliage and attractive pink or white blooms. 

Southern Highbush Type 

NOTE: Older varieties may show LIMITED QUANTITIES. Please ask for availability.

Arlen                    NOT AVAILABLE  

Self fertile, late season, with upright vigorous growth. Arlen is a good variety for the warmer, southern areas of the United States. Berries are medium to large, light blue in color, and attractive. The berries are good fresh with fine flavor, firmness, and appearance.


Mid to late season berries with medium size berries and good flavor.


Bladen is an early season ripener with light blue, medium size berries. Bladen is a vigorous upright grower.

Blue Ridge               

Blue Ridge is an early to mid season producer of large fruit. The Blue Ridge is a vigorous, upright,productive plant.

Cape Fear

Cape Fear is early ripening with large, firm fruit. It is a vigorous, spreading, semi-upright bush.


Carteret is self fertile. Developed by North Carolina State, medium sized, excellent flavored fruit ripens early to mid-season. Plant height at maturity 4½ feet, upright.

Georgia Gem

Georgia Gem grows well in the southern US. It withstands high temperatures and does not require a second plant for cross pollination. The Georgia Gem produces blooms in early spring, and will have ripe berries in early May to June.This bush grows 6-8 ft tall and wide and has dark blue- green foliage. 

Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast is an early season berry producer with good color, flavor, and firmness. Gulf Coast possesses superior fruit quality.


Mid-late season ripening with good fruit size and quality, Legacy is one of our most popular selling plants due to its upright growth and medium to large sized fruit with good flavor.


Lenoir is a mid-season producer of medium-sized fruit. Lenoir can be mechanically harvested for both fresh and processing markets and boasts a large enough fruit to be hand-harvested where labor is available. Lenoir requires a pollinator. 


Misty is an early fruiting variety with fruit of sky blue color and spicy sweet flavor. The upright, spreading 4-6 feet tall plants have bright blue-green foliage that contrasts with pink-white flowers in spring and make lovely ornamental shrubs with foliage turning burgundy in the fall.

New Hanover

New Hanover is a self-fertile, early ripening plant with medium sized berries. The New Hanover plant is vigorous and semi-upright in habit, the flowers are self-fertile and produce abundant pollen.


Pamlico is an early season ripening Southern highbush variety, introduced by North Carolina State University’s Dr. Jim Ballington and colleagues in 2003 at the Castle Hayne Horticultural Research Station. Fruit is considered medium-sized with good flavor and firmness, suitable for hand or machine harvest. Plants are vigorous and resistant to blueberry stem blight.


Usually the first variety to ripen, O'Neal is considered by some to have the best flavor of all the Southern Highbush blueberries, with consistent quality throughout harvest. Berries are large with medium blue color. Summer foliage is an attractive gray-green accented with red stems and branches on a vigorous, upright plant. O'Neal requires a pollinator; Star is compatible.


An excellent variety for commercial growers in the lower Mid-Atlantic and upper Southeast regions of the United States, Reveille is a heat-tolerant cultivar that produces masses of small to medium-sized light-blue berries from mid- to late spring.The firm, crisp-skinned, succulent fruits are preceded by urn-shaped pinkish-white flowers. The attractive blue-tinged semi-evergreen foliage turns red in cold weather. This vigorous upright cultivar eventually forms a narrow, head-high shrub. This heat- and humidity-tolerant blueberry requires well drained acidic soil in full to partial sun. It shows a fair amount of drought tolerance. It is fully self-fertile.


Robeson begins ripening in early season and bridges the gap between late ripening highbush blueberry cultivars and early ripening rabbiteye blueberry cultivars. The plant is very vigorous and upright with very broad soil adaptation, including higher pH soils. Yield is good with medium fruit size  Robeson requires a pollinator.


Sharpblue is the leading and most adaptable variety in low chill areas throughout the world. Great for milder zones, it requires only 200 chill hours. Sharpblue will bloom and fruit almost year round, with foliage remaining nearly evergreen. Sharpblue is recommended in areas with mild winters where frosts are uncommon. Upright, spreading bush reaching 5'-6' tall with green foliage in fall. Medium, robust flavored berries.

Summit             NOT AVAILABLE 

Summit is a mid to late season bearing plant that is semi-upright and open with vigorous growth. Summit picks easily with medium fruit with good fruit color and flavor. 

Sampson               NOT AVAILABLE

Sampson is an early to mid-season producer with firm, large to very-large sized berries with good flavor. The bush, mostly upright with vigorous growth, does better in areas where there is a fair number of cold winter days.

Sunshine Blue            NOT AVAILABLE

Sunshine Blue is a mid to late season producer with medium sized, good quality, firm berries. Foliage is slender and is considered a good ornamental for low chilling areas. Its upright, compact habit and blue-green foliage that turns burgundy in fall make Sunshine Blue especially decorative in pots. Sunshine Blue tolerates high pH better than most blueberries and is self-pollinating.

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