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Spring Specials available March 1st 2017!

Taking pre-orders today! Only available while supplies last!


5 Year old plants

This special includes 10 of our 5 year old plants.

Our 5 year old plants are usually $11.00 however with this deal you are receiving 10 plants for our one time price of $112.49 shipping included! That is a total of $28.01 in savings! Our 5 year old plants are among our most popular sizes to sell right now so they won't be available long! Currently available for this deal are Premier, Legacy, Tifblue, and New Hanover. 

1 Year old plants

 This special includes 50 of our 1 year old plants.

Our 1 year plants are originally $1.75 each. However, with this deal you receive 50 plants for only $74.99 that is including the shipping. That is a total of $25.01 in savings! Available for this deal are Climax, Premier, Tifblue, Legacy, Oneal, IRA, Yadkin, New Hanover, Jersey, Blue Crop, Patriot, Blue Jay, and Blue Ray. 

Rooted Cuttings

25 for $44.99

50 for $84.99

100 for $144.99

500 for $600

1000 for $1,000

Our rooted cuttings are 3" - 6" tall. These cuttings are great starters to having productive potted plants. These rooted cutting come from a well established plant that is perfectly healthy. Available for this special are all of our Rabbiteye Type Varieties. All shipping is included in the above prices. 

2 Year Old Plant Specials

Our 2 year old plants are normally $5.20 per plant, however with these new specials we have available you're getting them at a better deal and the listed price is the shipping included! Available for this special are Climax, Premier, Tifblue, Brightwell, Onslow, Legacy, Oneal, New Hanover, Baldwin, Powderblue, Columbus, Delite, Georgiagem, and Sharpblue. 

50 Plants $99.99

100 Plants $210.99

250 Plants $515.99

500 Plants $999.99

1000 Plants $1950.00

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To Order

If you would like to place an order for any of the above deals give us a call 252-235-4664 OR 

send us an email [email protected]

*We are currently getting our online order form up and running, we apologize for the inconvenience, please be patient as we get this going. Thank you for your time and patience!*